What is Rasa Medicine

Rasa Medicine is the highest form of medicine in Ayurveda. Even incurable diseases can be cured through this brand of medicine.Several surgical operations, too, can be avoided. Under this system of medicine, drugs are produced using metals with the main ingredients being mercury, gold, copper, lead, silver etc.These raw metals are subjected to various purification processes called “Shodhana” “Marana”, “Bhashma’ Consumption of Rasa Medicine does not cause any harm to the system of body and scientific research has proved it. As the Rasa Medicine is administered in small doses, it is easier to take than decoctions. The drugs prescribed contain pills that do not weigh more than one gram or less than 125 milligrams.

A woman, who was a diabetic patient since she was 19 years was treated wish Rasa Medicine without giving the Insulin injection during her pregnancy period, and delivered the baby without any mishap. Although it has been universally accepted that diabetes is incurable, it is not the truth. Three years have passed since 22 diabetic patients were treated with Rasa Medicine, all of whom have fully recovered. It is difficult to find a clear definition to the word ‘cure or recovery’. Therefore, I wish to submit the medical reports of all the diabetic patients who have been fully cured after 5 years time to the Nobel Prize Committee.

Dr. Lalith Kularathne along with Dr. (Mrs.) Chandrika Algama Kularathne have been treating people with ‘Rasa’ for more than 30 years

About Dr. Lalith Kularathne

The word Rasashaastra literally means the “Science of Mercury”. It is a specialized branch of Ayurveda dealing mainly with materials which are known as ‘Rasa dravyaas’.