Disorder involving excessive glucose in blood and urine called Diabetes is fast becoming widespread in Sri Lanka. Based on the recent statistics issued by the Public Health Sector, nearly 20% of the urban population and 6% to 8% of the rural masses are affected by Diabetes.


Diabetes contributes to many accompanying detrimental side-effects such as Coronary Heart Disease, Renal Disorders, Paralysis and Blindness. Harmful side-effects caused by the medications used by Western Medical System in the treatment of Diabetes too have become a growing problem today.


Dr. Lalith Kularathna observed that the detrimental side-effects caused by the medications used in the treatment of Diabetes which lead to conditions more serious than Diabetes itself is a grave weakness associated with the Western Medical Treatment. Moreover, Dr. Kularathna says that inadvisable measures taken by the Public Health Sector to educate and advice public on the prevention and treatment of Diabetes on 14th of November every year to commemorate World Diabetes Day too have resulted in adverse consequences, and Rasa Medicine System is offering proven treatment to permanently cure this disease.


Dr. Kularthna related the case of a Buddhist Monk from a remote place who consulted him for the treatment of Diabetes stated that, the medical test recommended by Rasa Medicine Clinic revealed that the Monk was in fact suffering from Pancreatic Cancer and it was not a case of Diabetes. Dr.Kulrathna elaborated that Rasa Medicine Treatment to date has been able to reduce Insulin level in the blood up to nearly 40% and the Pancreatic Cancer is on the road to recovery.


In the circumstances, Dr.Kularathna very kindly requests Western Doctors and Traditional Medical Practitioners to carry out proper Diagnosis before commencing treatment of Diabetes, as excessive sugar in Blood could be caused by Cancer, Tumour or any other Allergic condition impacting Pancreas, and hence first and foremost it is imperative that the cause of the Disease is properly established.


Rasa Medicine is a time tested system of medical treatment that offers a proven solution to Diabetes, and those in need could visit Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala at No 82, Galled Road near Golumadama Junction Ratmalana to obtain proper treatment.


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