he word Heart Disease could send tremors down anybody’s spine. Health related news reports indicate that there is a growing incidence of people succumbing to this dreadful affliction nowadays. There has been sensational news about prominent personalities in this country departing us for good having fallen victim to heart related sicknesses.

Be that as it may, we take pride in announcing that, within the span of year 2012 alone; our medical services succeeded to save the lives of a record number of 1049 persons who sought “Rasa Shashthra Treatment” for the fatal heart diseases. It is with great sense of achievement we note that, Rasa Shashthra System enabled all those who sought treatment to avoid much talked about “Bypass” surgery, one of the commonest and costly techniques used by Western Medical system to treat heart failures and obtain lasting cure purely through orally administered medications. We trust that this information would surely come as welcome relief news and give much needed solace to those of you who are afflicted with heart conditions. It is with great conviction built up on persistent successes achieved over the years we inform that Rasa Shashthra System is capable of permanently curing for Heart Diseases.

Mr. P.R. Rathnapala, a very happy man, having fully recovered from the life threatening heart condition through Rasa Shashthra Treatment recalled with joy how he was able to overcome the predicament. Mr. Rathnapala recalled that he got to know about Dr. Lalith Kularathna and Madam Chandrika Kularathna, the leading practitioners of Rasa Shasthra Therapy in Sri Lanka, when he had abandoned all hopes of any recovery and in a desperate situation. After his first consultation with the duo he realized that all hopes are not lost and there is still light at the end of the tunnel. The cordial and fruitful discussion followed with both Doctors was a relieving experience which gave tremendous boost to his sagging morale. He remembers with gratitude how both the doctors helped restore his of confidence of a possible recovery and life up his spirits during their first meeting.

Mr.Rathnapala became a healthy man having fully recovered from the Heart Disease in a matter of only 20 days of continuous treatment with the help of miraculous drugs given by Rasa Shashthra Treatment.


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