Leukemia in lay terms is called Blood Cancer. It occurs when Heamoglobin, Red Blood Cells (Red Corpuscles) and Platelets in Blood Stream drop abnormally below standard levels. It is a lethal affliction causing death, unless effective and timely treatment is initiated.

Usually patients suffering from Leukemia undergo extreme emotional and mental stress from the time they get to know about the disease due to its fatal nature. Such people, in their chaotic rush for treatment end up falling easy prey to various forms of expensive and ineffective treatment offered by a multitude of medical enterprises that are run with the primary objective of deriving commercial benefits.

Moreover, people in desperate pursuit of a possible way out of their predicaments are often hoodwinked by impressive and appealing commercial advertisements promoting a whole spectrum of medications offered in a variety of smart and handy packages. Those falling for the glamour of fictitious therapies hardly realize the looming danger until the dreadful eventuality takes place which makes them to pay the supreme price with their dear lives.

Many deceived by media gimmicks blindly seek various forms of novel therapies without knowing that they are still in experimental stage. Such people as a result run the risk of losing any potential chance of recovery which would have been possible had proper treatment been initiated on a timely basis. Despite such failures people to date have failed to repose any confidence in the time tested and proven cure offered by “Rasa Shashthra”, which dates back Thousands of Years. It is a system enriched by thousands of years of evolutionary growth and experience, and capable of offering robust, effective and permanent cure. As the only recognized Institution practicing Rasa Shashthra, we at “Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala” are pleased to invite those in urgent need of treatment for Leukemia to make use of this unique treatment to attain speedy and lasting recovery. Whilst Rasa Shashthra is truly an effective therapy it is not practiced with the intent to exploit the plight of sickly people for commercial gains, as in the case of thriving private sector medical enterprises. Hence, it is with utmost responsibility and sincere commitment for patient wellbeing that, we kindly invite everyone in need of treatment for Leukemia to come to us at Sri Mangala Rasa Osuhala Clinic to avail the enormous benefits of Rasa Shashthra therapy without further delay. We facilitate all of you to obtain your own independent proof of relief by performing post medication laboratory tests, immediately after the preliminary round of treatment to confirm the efficacy of treatment on offer.

Mrs. L.P. Jayawardena a Leukemia patient visited our clinic when her platelet count was down at 75,000 with Heamoglobin and Red Blood Cells too having dropped to worrisome levels. Post medication laboratory tests performed after several days of initial treatment given revealed the astonishing growth of the platelet count up to 170,000, a level considered out of danger.

We earnestly request all of you who may be suffering aimlessly in desperation without a solution still in sight to meet us at your earliest. We are fully committed and well equipped to give you necessary care, speedy relief and lasting cure. Therefore, do not hesitate to make use of this “One of a Kind” opportunity to overcome the life threatening malady of Leukemia with the help of age old, time tested “Rasa Shashthra Treatment”, your life’s savior. Your precious life and healthy living is our mission.

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