Dr. R. L. Kularathne

Dr. Mrs. Chandriak Algama Kularatne

Waidya Muhandirarn M.A.P. Waidyasena of Matara – Belideniya studied Rasa Medical System under most eminent Rasa Waidya of Bharat (India) and Author of “Rasa Jala Nidhi” and ex-Lecturer of Calcutta University, Brahmin Pandit Bhudeva Mukarajee. Waidya Muhandirarn Waidyasena was most eminent in practising Rasa Medical System in Sri Lanka and he established ‘Sri Mangala Aushadhalaya & Rasayanagaraya (Sri Mangala Dispensary & Laboratory) in Belideniya in the year 1900 for practicing and producing of Rasa Medicine. This establishment produced a large number of verities of Rasa Medicine including Bashma, Kshara, Lavana, Dravaka, refinements, etc.

After Waidya Muhandiram Waidyasena, one of his brightest students, Waidya R.J. Kularatne of Kaldemulla excelled in producing Rasa Medicine and practising the medical system.

Dr. R. Lalith Kularatne, son of Waidya R.J. Kularatne, after completing his primary education at Royal College, Colombo and while being a student in the Science Stream took interest in the traditional Rasa Medical Practice and followed the foot-steps of his father. Having done enormous reiearcmic research in this field for a period of nearly 29 years he has realized the scientific value and the reality of this medical system.

Dr.Kularalna’s Some of the findings are:

  • Rasa medicines are not harmful in any way to the human body
  • Research should be done on Rasa Medicines in keeping with modern medical methodology.
  • And the 21st century, all human health problems can be overcome through Rasa Medical System.
    e.g. Insulin injection can be done away with. Can cure any type of Cancer.