Right to health and adequate medical care has been globally acknowledged as an inalienable human right. It is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Constitution of the World Health Organisation and some of the other Treaties of Unites Nations dealing with Human Rights. The constitution of the World Health Organisation has recognised “the highest attainable standard of health” as one of the fundamental rights of every human being.

The human right to health includes access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality. It means the availability of hospitals, medicines, doctors and other related medical services of acceptable quality and standard within easy access when and where needed. These should be made available on an equitable basis without discrimination. The human right to highest attainable standard of health therefore requires following key human rights standards and principles to form the basis in the design and implementation of people centered health care systems.

Universal Access

Access to health care must be universal, guaranteed for all on an equitable basis. Health care must be affordable, comprehensive and physically accessible when and where needed.


Adequate health care infrastructure, personnel (e.g. hospitals, community health facilities, trained health care professionals), goods (e.g. drugs, equipment), and services (e.g. primary care, mental health, labouratory) must be available in all geographical areas and to all communities.

Acceptability and Dignity

Health care institutions and providers are required to respect dignity, provide culturally appropriate care, and be responsive to needs based on gender, age, culture, language, and different ways of life and abilities. They must respect medical ethics, privacy of patients and protect confidentiality.


All aspects of health care including ancillary services must be medically appropriate and of good quality, guided by quality standards and control mechanisms, and provided in a timely, safe, and patient-centered manner.

Health care must be accessible and provided without discrimination based on status, race, ethnicity, age, sex, disability, language, religion, national origin, income, or social status. Provision of health care should be done on an equitable basis.


Information on health care, therapies, medications, services and related costs must be easily accessible for everyone, enabling people to take appropriate, timely and informed decisions to protect their health and avail quality health services. Institutions that organize and deliver health care must therefore operate in a transparent way.


Individuals and communities must be able to take an active role in decisions that affect their health, including in the organization and implementation of health care services.


Private sector and public sector health care institutions must be held accountable for protecting the right to health care through enforceable standards, regulations, and independent checks and balances mechanism to ensure compliance with highest norms in the delivery of quality health care.


Little over 50% of the world’s population lives below the global poverty threshold of US $ 1.25 per day whilst 80% still manages with a daily income below US $ 10/-. Huge proportion of people from the world over goes through severe financial stress, and is affected by soaring health care expenditure.

Health systems, Medicare services and facilities have increasingly become expensive and represent a significant financial burden on both households and governments. Several members from G20 countries are expected to encounter serious repercussions from 2015 due to mounting healthcare costs, and developing economies are also expected to face similar problems in the coming decades.

The right to health means creating conditions conducive for everyone to achieve highest attainable standard of Health. It makes it obligatory upon Governments spanning across the globe to develop necessary infrastructure and services to ensure efficient delivery of quality health services at affordable costs on an equitable basis.

In this endeavour it is incumbent upon the States to ensure that the whole system of health care delivery is designed to address the health care needs of economically challenged, vulnerable and marginalized groups who are compelled to bear an undue proportion of health problems due to economic reasons.
Social and financial standing of people have a consequential impact on their physical as well as mental health, their ability to receive adequate medical care and nutrition, and as a result their life expectancy.
People considered as lower-class widely experience a wide array of health problems as a result of their economic status. They are unable to afford health care as often as needed. Even though they generally tend to experience a much higher rate of health issues, they are unable to afford health care services of acceptable quality and standard due to economic reasons. Consequently, Lower-class families have higher rates of infant mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and disabling physical injuries
Sri Lankan Scenario

Private sector medical services have become a profiteering mega scale commercial enterprise in Sri Lanka. Focus based on the dictates of Rupees and cents has thus overridden considerations pertaining to patients’ rights and wellbeing. There is a growing trend of more and more people falling victims to non communicable diseases which are on a rising scale by the day due to many factors such as life styles, unhealthy eating habits and adverse consequences of large scale use of chemical fertilizer for cultivations. Rapidly snowballing economic woes have made it impossible for people to focus on health issues as they are compelled to sweat their guts out to earn a living for day to day survival. Their meager earnings have made medical services of acceptable standard beyond their reach.

Resultantly there is a mammoth demand on public sector health care system from the majority of the people who find it difficult to afford exorbitant medical costs associated with a variety of treatment, medications and services offered by star class medical institutions of the private sector. Further the soaring costs of hundreds of new drugs and plethora of medical tests prescribed by the medical professionals irrespective of whether they are needed or otherwise have made matters worse for people who are thus left with hardly any choice other than turning to state sector health care system in spite of its many a drawback in terms of lack of facilities, medications, critically needed medical equipment, and other negative factors such as delays in obtaining urgently needed medical reports and undue delays in getting critically needed surgeries scheduled due to the dearth facilities as well as timely availability of competent Doctors/Consultants. Moreover, people are very often forced to buy medications and other appurtenances needed for treatment from outside due to failure of the state health sector to provide them.

National Medicinal Drugs Policy

Purpose of the establishment of the National Medicinal Drugs Policy (NMDP) is to enable Sri Lankans to drastically reduce money spent on drugs and obtain them at affordable prices. It is well known that Sri Lanka has approximately 9,000 registered medicinal drugs, hundreds of which are supposed to be non-essential, unnecessary, highly expensive or even dangerous. Whilst NMDP would enable people to enormously benefit due to reduction of their health care expenditure, it would pave the way for state coffers too to easily save billions of Rupees in foreign exchange in consequence. Once implemented the NMDP is expected to reduce the number of drugs imported, prescribed and sold in Sri Lanka to about 350 varieties.
Despite the consultations held with all stakeholders, presided over by Prof. Krisantha Weerasuriya, the Regional Advisor of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the cabinet approval granted for the draft NMDP, the appropriate legislation to enforce NMDP is yet to see the light of day.
Invisible Hands and Vested Interests

In spite of the much publicized and proud pronouncements made to formulate a national drug policy designed to prevent exploitation of sick by pharmaceutical companies and make quality drugs available at affordable/reasonable prices, there is an inordinate delay in drafting the relevant legislation by the Legal Draftsman`s Department.

Transnational drug industry is by far one of the most profitable and thriving businesses in the world. It possesses enormous power and immense influence which are derived from the colossal wealth it generates. The proposed NMDP is obviously anathema to transnational drug barons and their complicitous collaborators from the body politic, different organs of state sector and the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The powerful and invisible hands wielding gigantic money power working in complicity with corrupt officialdom and political accomplices have succeeded in delaying the implementation of a well meaning policy intended to bring relief to Millions of low income segments in this country who are struggling to make their ends meet.

The Urgent Need for Alternative Medicine

The mounting incidence of more and more people becoming afflicted by non communicable diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, failure of the public sector health care institutions to adequately cater to the growing need for quality health care services at affordable costs, prohibitive costs associated with western medical treatment and related services provided by private sector and soaring prices of pharmaceuticals and drugs have made it imperative to develop and foster viable alternative therapies with a view to ensuring that, people at all levels of social hierarchy representing every rung of the income ladder are served on an equitable basis without discrimination.

Alternative medicine could be any of a wide range of health care practices, products and therapies, using methods of medical diagnosis and treatments which include homeopathy, Ayurveda, Rasa Shashthra, chiropractic and acupuncture.

Rasa Shashthra, the Robust and Effective proposition

In the lore of medical science Rasa Shashthra is an Indian Vedic Alchemy. It is an effective medical therapy administered by fusion of purified metals, herbs and other substances to treat illnesses. One of the salient features of the Rasa Shashthra is the use of metals, including ones such as Mercury considered to be toxic by modern day western medical treatment. In addition to mercury, gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc and bell metal are also used in Rasa Shashthra treatment.
These metals and other substances subjected to a procedure namely calcination which is described in the Sanskrit literature as “Shodhana” or “Purification”, being the process used to prepare “Bhasma” (Ash) for administration.

Rasa Shashthra was invented by a Buddhist monk and practicing alchemist called Nagarjuna. He discovered the method of refining precious metals, gemstones and
other minerals to produce medications to treat illnesses.

With the practice of surgery started declining as it came to be considered as being invasive, the therapists of the day found a viable solution in Rasa Shashthra as it was able to bring about the effects of surgery whilst doing away with the risks associated with surgical procedures.

Rasa Medicines are highly potent formulas and are administered in very small quantities. They act fast and offer quick relief. Rasa Medicines are tasteless, odorless and truly miraculous in efficiency and potency.

Rasa Shashthra Practice in Sri Lanka

Rasa medicine is fast gaining ground in Sri Lanka. It has achieved phenomenal success and proven as a sure fire remedy for chronic, life threatening and non communicable diseases. Many hapless people who have been written off by western medical establishment to face near certain death have been rewarded with new lease on life thanks to robust and effective therapy offered by Rasa Shashthra. Rasa Medicines obviates the need to go through risky surgeries and bring about speedy relief through much simpler methods of treatment. Moreover it is less costly as compared to most of the expensive surgical procedures and hence could be availed by the majority starting from lower income strata.

Some of the highlights what has to date been accomplished by Rasa Shashthra Therapy in this country proves why it should fostered as a viable alternative treatment for the benefit of the majority in Sri Lanka.

Permanent Cure for various forms of Cancer including Leukemia

Leukemia in lay terms is called Blood Cancer. It occurs when Heamoglobin, Red Blood Cells (Red Corpuscles) and Platelets in Blood Stream drop abnormally below standard levels. It is a lethal affliction causing death, unless effective and timely treatment is initiated.

Usually patients suffering from Leukemia undergo extreme emotional and mental stress from the time they get to know about the disease due to its fatal nature. Such people, in their chaotic rush for treatment end up falling easy prey to various forms of expensive and ineffective treatment offered by a multitude of medical enterprises that are run with the primary objective of deriving commercial benefits.

Moreover, people in desperate pursuit of a possible way out of their predicaments are often hoodwinked by impressive and appealing commercial advertisements promoting a whole spectrum of medications offered in a variety of smart and handy packages. Those falling for the glamour of fictitious therapies hardly realize the looming danger until the dreadful eventuality takes place which makes them to pay the supreme price with their dear lives.

Many deceived by media gimmicks blindly seek various forms of novel therapies without knowing that they are still in experimental stage. Such people as a result run the risk of losing any potential chance of recovery which would have been possible had proper treatment been initiated on a timely basis. Despite such failures people to date have failed to repose any confidence in the time tested and proven cure offered by “Rasa Shashthra”, which dates back Thousands of Years. It is a system enriched by thousands of years of evolutionary growth and experience, and capable of offering robust, effective and permanent cure for various forms of cancer and Leukemia which are considered as terminal diseases.

A Leukemia patient opted for Rasa Medicine when her platelet count was down at 75,000 with Heamoglobin and Red Blood Cells too having dropped to worrisome levels. Post medication laboratory tests performed after several days of Rasa Medicine treatment revealed the astonishing growth of the platelet count up to 170,000, a level considered out of danger.

Definitive Cure for fatal Heart Disease

The word Heart Disease could send tremors down anybody’s spine. Health related news reports indicate that there is a growing incidence of people succumbing to this dreadful affliction nowadays. There has been sensational news about prominent personalities in this country departing us for good having fallen victim to heart related sicknesses.

Be that as it may, Rasa Shashthra practice in Sri Lanka takes pride in announcing that, within the span of year 2012 alone; it has succeeded to save the lives of a record number of 1049 persons who sought “Rasa Shashthra Treatment” for the fatal heart diseases. It is heartening to note that, Rasa Shashthra System enabled all those who sought treatment to avoid much talked about “Bypass” surgery, one of the commonest and costly techniques used by Western Medical system to treat heart failures and obtain lasting cure purely through orally administered medications. This information would surely come as welcome relief news and give much needed solace to those of you who are afflicted with heart conditions. It is with great conviction built up on persistent successes achieved over the years Rasa Shashthra Practice in Sri Lanka informs the public of its capability to permanently cure Heart Diseases.

One Mr. Rathnapala became a healthy man having fully recovered from the Heart Disease in a matter of only 20 days of continuous treatment with the help of miraculous drugs given by Rasa Shashthra Treatment.

Speedy Recovery from Menacing Triglycerides

The Story how one patient suffering from the chronic condition of persistently high and uncontrollable level of Triglycerides recovering in lightening speed after merely two days of Rasa Medicine Treatment no doubt is very much revealing and deserves in depth consideration. She had turned to Rasa Medicine after trying a whole gamut of treatment without any success. Triglycerides cause “Atherosclerosis” or formation of fatty substances forming a deposit of plaque in the inner lining of the arteries. Those who are affected by this condition run very high risk of heart disease or stroke.

Relating what she went through the patient confessed that none of the treatment she tried over a long time succeeded in giving her full recovery other than some occasional temporary relief.

She was nonplussed by the incredibly fast recovery made and could not figure out how it happened so fast, having failed to make any breakthrough with Western Medical Treatment after spending heavily over a long period of time.

Remedy for Parkinson’s disease caused by “Vatha”

According to Rasa Shashthra, Parkinson’s disease is caused by “Vatha”. Generally most of the people suffer from some kind of affliction. Some people sometimes realise that they are not healthy only when some sickness emerges. Certain sicknesses develop very slowly and take time to become full blown. According to the wisdom of Eastern Medical Therapy, Vatta, Pitta and Kapha are the root causes of all ailments.

Parkinson’s disease has a history of more than 5000 years. It was called by “Kampa Vayu” by Estaren Medical Practitioners. The disease is named after the English doctor James Parkinson, who published the first detailed description in An Essay on the Shaking Palsy in 1817. The most obvious symptoms are movement-related; these include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and gait. Later, cognitive and behavioural problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease. As the disease progresses, a complication called Dyskinesia or involuntary writhing movements of body starts occurring.

Demographical analysis shows that people in middle ages mostly become victims of this disease. Especially those who are afflicted diabetic and suffering from disorders in the nervous system are prone to this disease. Today many people are going through untold hardship in search of a lasting cure.

However, Rasa Shashthra, the age old time tested Eastern Medical Therapy invented by the Sages who lived in India thousands years ago has a definitive cure for Parkinson’s disease. This uncommonly great and very rare form of treatment is an integral part of a rich medical heritage of the age old medical therapies of the “Belideniya Ancestry” one of the renowned the forefathers of Eastern Medical System in Sri Lanka.

According to Rasa Shashthra, primary cause of Parkinson’s disease is “Vatha”. Moreover, it is also affected by the toxics that enter the body through the intake of food and water. Rasa Shashthra treatment entails regular use of medication prepared by detoxifying Mercury, Gold and other Metals in a manner that suits the human body and taken in the form of powder and tablets in appropriate doses on a day to day basis to achieve permanent cure.

There is a school of thought that believes that King Ravana used Rasa Shashthra as a prominent system of medical treatment.

Surefire Treatment for Diabetes, the Silent Killer

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. A person having Diabetes has high blood sugar, either because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. High blood sugar produces the symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger).

Diabetes could be caused by unhealthy life styles of individuals or triggered by genetic defects and even infections. It is often caused by pancreatic disorders.

If Diabetes is not treated properly, it causes many health complications and risks. One of the conditions being HHS that is associated with hyperglycemic state in blood which could lead to coma and death. Long term complications of untreated Diabetes include Cardiovascular Disease, Renal Failure and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Millions of people in the world are suffering from Diabetes today. It is fast assuming epidemic proportions in Sri Lanka too whilst becoming a serious health hazard. Some results of the studies conducted indicate that Western Province and urban areas display higher incidence of prevalence compared to rural localities. However, Sri Lankans show a relatively low incidence on Insulin Dependent or Type 1 Diabetes.

Those who are enslaved by the Western Medical Myth believe that Diabetes is a “Chronic Condition” which is long lasting in its effects and hence is mostly incurable.

Western medical treatment mainly involves management of the disease by regulating blood sugar level to keep it close to normal with a view to avoiding hyperglycemia.

However, vast experience relating to many successful cases of cure offered by time tested and proven techniques of Rasa Shashthra treatment show that Diabetes is curable irrespective of its type. Moreover, effective therapies of Rasa Shashthra System are able to cure pancreatic disorders and bring this vital organ back to its normal state of functioning. Taking speedy effective measures to safeguard Heart and Kidneys of Diabetic Patients is considered first and foremost important part of Rasa Shashthra Therapy for blood sugar.

Miraculous Healing of Congenital Blindness

Congenital Blindness is a condition that could be considered practically incurable. There have been many a scientific study, research and experimentation carried out to date with the objective of making a break through. Scientists have made great efforts to evolve a solution and tried Gene Therapy but made very little progress so far as they have encountered unexpected complications in the process. A lot of research work has been carried out on a condition called LCA, a retinal disease which leads to total blindness in adulthood.

It is heartening to note that it will not be “end of the world” any more for many hapless people suffering from the plight of inherited blindness, as the age old, time tested, traditional eastern treatment of Rasa Shasthra has a robust and effective therapy to tackle congenital disorders which cause innate sightlessness.

Rasa Shashthra Therapy in Sri Lanka recently made history by recording the first ever case of successful healing of inborn blindness in Sri Lanka, or probably in the whole world by completely healing two children who have been studying at the Blind School at Ratmalana and suffering from congenital blindness with no hopes for a better tomorrow.

This proves beyond any doubt the magical curative properties of some of the detoxified metals used for Rasa Shashsthra Treatment that have practically no parallels in any other form of medical treatment being practiced in this world.
The unique achievement made by Rasa Shashthra Treatment has given those very fortunate children new lives of endless joy which they never dreamt of. Children who have been feeling ecstatic about their miraculous recovery stated that they are deeply indebted to Rasa Medicine Treatment for giving them invaluable vision which is priceless.

A Proven and Simple Remedy for Dengue

It is really pathetic to learn that people still continue to fall victim to Dengue every now and then. Western Medical Establishment to date has not come up with an effective remedy.

There is widespread concern about Dengue raising its ugly head in the aftermath of the pouring rains. Whilst torrential rains leave a trail of destruction, continued threat of Dengue known for its deadly consequences calls for top urgent measures to find a an effective remedy to save precious lives which may otherwise fall victim it.

Elite professionals of the western medical establishment have indicated that there is no proven treatment for Dengue. Hence it has become imperative to explore an easy-to-find and effective remedy.

It is encouraging and relieving to learn that, time tested and proven therapy of Rasa Shasthra System, which offers the most powerful and effective cure for cancer, coronary heart disease and many non communicable diseases and conditions affecting vital organs such as Kidney, Lever, Heart, Lungs etc, is recommending a simple and proven home remedy for Dengue. Rasa Shasthra recommends that those who are afflicted with Dengue could consume fresh cow milk thrice a day together with ripe mangoes to overcome the deadly effects of Dengue.

100 Milliliters of fresh cow milk at a time with a ripe mango taken thrice a day would most certainly elevate any victim’s platelet count from dangerously low levels to safe/normal levels. This has been proven in more 95% of the cases and could also be backed by orally given medications to supplement treatment where necessary. It is so simple, and brings relief astonishingly fast by rapidly elevating the platelet count to safe levels. There are in fact well known Professionals from Western Medical System who admires and accept this fact. But they remain silent for obvious reasons.

Rasa Medicine Treatment offers speedy, effective and less costly solutions for many non communicable diseases and other forms of ailment considered incurable by other forms of therapies. It offers wide ranging therapeutic solutions for many ailments from top to toe of the human body. Its miraculous healing prowess has given scores of sick people from all over the country solace and relief from chronic health conditions which lead to prolonged suffering.

Despite the miraculous curative properties associated with Rasa Medicine Treatment it has pathetically remained in relative obscurity within the realm of unknown so far. It is quite unfortunate that authorities as well as collective media for long have maintained conspicuous silence on the existence of Rasa Medicine Practice in Sri Lanka whilst being well aware of its unparalleled potential to offer myriad medical solutions for healthy living and resultant benefits to the country as a whole. It is high time that well meaning intellectuals, health authorities, public spirited politicians, concerned citizens and the regime in power, woke up together to foster Rasa Medicine Treatment as a recognised alternative therapy for the benefit of the common man in this country who is suffering from numerous hardships including the mounting health care issues and soaring medical expenses. v

Written by Mr. Lalith Mendis”


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