This child was affected by congenital Hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain, also known as “water on the brain”, and was born with an unusually large head witha circumferenc measuring up to nearly 60 centimeters. Hydrocephalus is a serious condition, which, unless treated properly, could prove fatal. Te infant patient was suffering from serious symptoms such as “seizures” repeatin g over 100 times a day. In spite of the continued treatment given, Western Medical Treatment proved futile, and failed to make any breakthrough.

Following the referral to Rasa Medicine Clinic, the child was administerd Rasa Medicine, which has a proven historey dating back to more than 3,000 years. Rasa Medicine Practice in Sri Lanka is pleased to announce that the child has been cured. Post-treatment photographs show that the size of the head has become normal following Rasa Medicine Treatment.

Rasa Medicine Practice takes great pride in announcing that it is able to offer proven, viable and effective remedies to cure a host of serious and fatal illnesses by administering potent tailor-made Rsa Medicine formulas, to ensure certain and speedy recovery. Unique benefits of Rasa Medicine Treatment could be obtained at a fraction of the cost associated with expensive methods of treatment, medications including surgical procedures involved in Western Medical System. Peerless feat of achievement made by Rasa Medicine Practice in Sri Lanka in curing Hydrocephalus woud undoubtedly lay to rest for good, the hitherto prevalent irrational fear and failacy that Rasa Medicines are harmful for children.


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