Rasa medicines at Medirasa have sucessfully cured hundreds of patients suffered from various illnesses, desease and Abnormalitie

Practiced some 2,500 years ago in India, Rasashastra is a wholesome and complete form of treatment. It was with this method that the world’s first operation was performed.

Physicians have been able to help many of patients from all over the world suffering from difficult and incurable diseases and all this was possible due to the use of Rasa preparations

Rasa Shastra, provides genuine solutions to a wide range of illnesses and deseases that fall under following categories.

Airborne disease

a disease that spreads through the air.

Contagious disease

a subset of infectious diseases

Cryptogenic disease

a disease whose cause is currently unknown

Disseminated disease

a disease that is spread throughout the body

Environmental disease

Environmental disease.

Lifestyle disease

a disease caused largely by lifestyle choices

Localized disease

a disease affecting one body part or area.

Non-communicable disease

a disease that can’t be spread between people.

Organic disease


Progressive disease

a disease that gets worse over time

Rare disease

a disease that affects very few people

Systemic disease

a disease affecting the whole body

Kidney Transplantation

Bypass Surgery

Cancer Types



Physical Diseases