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Sri Mangala Surgical Free Hospital

First ever hospital dedicated for prevention of surgeries and invasive treatment is to open shortly

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Please bring along your recent medical reports /records releated to your illness when visiting Mangala Rasa Osu Hala

Welcome to Medirasa

Rasa Medicine is the highest form of medicine in Ayurveda. liven incurable diseases can be cured through this brand of medicine.Several surgical operations, too, can be avoided. Under this system of medicine, drugs are produced using metals with the main ingredients being mercury, gold, copper, lead, silver etc.

These raw metals are subjected to various purification processes called “Shodhana” “Marana”, “Bhashma’ Consumption of Rasa Medicine does not cause any harm to the system of body and scientific research has proved it. As the Rasa Medicine is administered in small doses, it is easier to take than decoctions. The drugs prescribed contain pills that do not weigh more than one gram or less than 125 milligrams.

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Dr. R. L. Kularathne

30 Year Experience

Dr. (Mrs.) Chandrika Algama Kularathne

30 Year Experience

Health Tips

  • Sugar cane jaggery, is a perfect solution for diabetes
  • Water Melon and Dates to prevent breast cancer
  • Ripe Mangoes and Fresh Milk , a miraculous home remedy to cure dengue
  • Gold can cure any form of cancer , completely


Airborne disease

a disease that spreads through the air.

Contagious disease

a subset of infectious diseases

Cryptogenic disease

a disease whose cause is currently unknown

Disseminated disease

a disease that is spread throughout the body

Environmental disease

Lifestyle disease

a disease caused largely by lifestyle choices

Localized disease

a disease affecting one body part or area

Non-communicable disease

a disease that can’t be spread between people

Organic disease

Progressive disease

a disease that gets worse over time

Rare disease

a disease that affects very few people

Systemic disease

a disease affecting the whole body


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